BDIOT 2018

2018 2nd International Conference on Big Data and Internet of Things

Conference Venue | 会议地点


North China University of Technology 


Add: No. 5 Jinyuanzhuang Road, Shijingshan District Beijing, P.R. China 100144



Founded in 1946, North China University of Technology (NCUT) develops into a multidisciplinary university focusing on engineering while spanning arts and science. Located in the west of Beijing, NCUT campus is renowned as one of the top ten beautiful campuses in Beijing.
Currently, NCUT has over 11,000 undergraduate students, 2,600 graduate students, 880 international students, and 3,000 Continuing-education students, as well as about more than 1000 faculties and staffs.
NCUT develops 7 discipline areas involving engineering, science, literature, economy, management, law and arts. NCUT organizes 10 schools, including School of Computer Science and Technology, School of Electronic and Information Engineering, School of Electrical and Control Engineering, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, School of Architecture and Art, School of Sciences, School of Economics and Management, School of Humanities and Law, School of Marxism, and International School. NCUT offers 47 bachelor degree programs, 20 master degree programs, and 1 PhD program.
In its commitments to cultivating high-level talents and developing hands-on problem solvers, NCUT gets many education achievements and scientific and technological advances. Qualified as a member of the Excellent Engineers Cultivation Project held by the Ministry of Education of China, NCUT also has one National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, one National Off-campus Training Platform, and four Beijing key labs, etc. Meanwhile, student activities, the Great Four Festivals of Science Festival, Sports Festival, Cultural Festival and Art Festival, are held annually. And NCUT Art Gallery is the first art gallery among universities of technology nationwide.